Thursday, 21 August 2008

The interesting season

I love the autumn and all it's colours. The cold and fresh air, the rain, the sun and the wind. I love that it's finally aloud to sit inside reading or watching a good movie or a tv show. Now I can drink tea as much as I want to, and put my warm clothes on. The feeling you get when wearing a sweater in wool and a huge scarf is undescribeable. Suddenly everybode is in a different mood, than during the summer holiday. We are a bit more fast and much more present, and I like that.

And the best thing with the autumn (fall, whatever you like) is the fashin. The fact that suddenly the stores are full of new and fantastic clothes. I like watching the fashon shows from Milan, London, Paris and NY at the internett during the autumn. I get a lot of ideas and inspiration by watching. When I have time ( and money) I like going to the designer stores in the city and by wonderful and delikate clothes on sale.

I LOVE the autumn. The colours, the weather and the fashion.

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