Thursday, 18 September 2008

Drained Of Strength And Energy

Today has been one of the days where you're feeling devastated. I'm tired and my head aches. I'm feeling uninspired and grey. What I really want is to have the spirit of those ladies in the colourful clothes above, but I can't. I'm too tired and lazy. Haven't we all had such days? I hate them, I really do. But I do mean that you can dress personaly and stylish even when you're realxing at home, you don't need to be wearing unpersonal clothes. And, you feel a lot better wearing smomething you like. And your mood (if you are like me now, very tired), also becomes a little bit better wearing clothes you fit and think are nice.

Outfit: Shirt - dad's closet, sweater -gina tricot, tights - H&M, belt - got it from my mom, shoes - Zara, headband -London, earrings - alphaville

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jess said...

it sounds like a terrible day. I love the first photo you posted