Monday, 20 October 2008

Dare Night

Yes, now it's over. It was an amazing night! It's weird to do something you never have done, and something you never thought you would dare to do. I sang in public outside one of the town's undergrounds. I pretended I knew a stranger, and hugged him and talked about the past. That was pretty scary... And I drank a glass with milk and three spoons of ketchup and three spoons of mustard. That was absolutely awful. My friends really impressed me. One sung Christmas carols outside a shopping center:Another slept at the train, one took a bath naked (and I can tell you, it's not warm...), one coloured her hair blue and kissed a boy she didn't know and another yelled out poems by Ibsen at the underground. Impressed?


hrose said...

wow! it sounds like so much fun..
although i don't envy you the milk, ketchup and mustard drink.
the dares are hilarious, and it sounds like everyone got really into it, which makes it so much more fun!
i think i will have to organise a night like this for me and my friends.

yiqin; said...

I am so scared of dare nights! I had to stay in the lift & wish everybody good morning once! Everybody just thought I was crazy :/

Vain and Vapid said...

That is so funny. I pity you and that milk/ketchup/mustard situation but at least you've crossed that off your bucket list :)

Thanks for adding me to your reading list!

The Stiletto Effect said...

dare nights are awesome :D

afiori said...

VERY impressed!! Never heard of dare nights before. This was quite an interesting first post to read on someone's blog :D I'm intrigued.

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Bedroom Talk said...

omg! You sure are a trooper for drinking that odd mix, the one thing I know for sure I couldn't do was dye my hair blue! ekkk

Mikkle said...

hahaha sounds like a great Friday night activity! might have to get some friends together and do it!

ZuKi said...

I've never tried it but we did something like this-flashmobs, it was funny when I was with my friends on sea coast we were hugging strangers and counted who did it more:) but in my native city it is not so fun: a lot of acquaintances people are more aggressive than on resort...:(((