Thursday, 25 December 2008

Holy Night

yesterday it finally came: the night with joy, family, music, food and presents. i know in other countries, the christmas doesn't start until morning the 25th. but, in norway we celebrate christmas the 24th. and of course, we have parties on both the 25th and the 26th as well. yesterday was fantastic. family. humour. love. beautiful carols. a magically christmas tree. a lot of happy faces. light. really good food. a lot of food. oh. i love christmas. the dearest of the dearest, susanna -cole king from girl meets NY gave me this sweet picture. thank you so very much. her blog is magnifique and, oh so adorable. again, thank you love.

i've gotten a new logo/banner/name/i-dunno-thing at my blog. it is the sweet anna kaerina from the snows of kilimanjaro who made it to me. a wonderful christmas gift. i don't have photoshop (or is that the name of the program?), and she really helped me a lot. thank you, you are the best! to you all, you are adorable! i hope you all have the most fantastic holiday of your lives!

happy holidays


photos from flickr and the girl meets ny


hrose said...

mmmm how lovely! the heart shape balloons are just adorable. i did not know about christmas on the 24th in norway, that means my brithday would actually be on christmas if i lived in norway! :D im so glad that you had a good day though, it sounds like you really enjoyed yourself. good food, and a lot of it, as well as carols and love, are the most important things, i think. and it sounds like you had them in spades.

i just came to say merry christmas, and that i can't wait to hear all about your day, but seeing as you've already celebrated it... :D merry christmas anyway.

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous photos!

Merry Christmas, Y.E.!


Emily said...

Merry Christmas! It sounds like you've had lots of fun so far with more fun to come! :)
Thank you for stopping by my blog. I've added you to my blog roll, would you like to trade links?

afiori said...

Merry, merry Christmas!! God fortsättning!!!

Mariah said...

What a lovely new banner!
I'm glad you had a very Merry Christmas!!!

eva said...

merry christmas hun! thank your for all your sweet comments! i hope your having a amazing day!

chloe said...

just found your blog and it is so pretty and sweet. merry christmas to you, beautiful little yellow elephant!


Merriest Christmas!
I agree S.C is the sweetest & artistic being!! ~PEACE & JOY 2U*

Anonymous said...

love the adorable photos!

Ingrid E. Rigby said...

here in méxico we celebrate both 24th and 25th but not 26th.. so you have a good time today also!! cheers!

Savvy Mode SG said...

i adore the first heart photo.... have a very happy holiday.

A Beautiful Party said...

i hope you had a wonderful holiday!

Nature Grafitti said...

happy holidays! i hope you had a fabulous christmas, filled with friends, family, laughter, warmth and joy

here is my gift to you:

The Clothes Horse said...

Lovely pictures and banner. I seriously need to learn photoshop myself...

BlueRing said...

My my, I must say you have a lovely blog.
So pretty, filled with many inspirational pictures, and the music is right on the season time.

I am glad you had such a lovely time with your family and friends.
That is different from here, where people celebrate more on the 25th, as you mentioned.

That little picture sure is pretty, how sweet it is when one gets those little gifts from others, no? Whether a picture or just a warm hug.

Oh and that new banner/logo/thing you and I both don't know is very nice. She reminds me of Mary Poppins, with the umbrealla and how her feet are positioned.
Her hat and coat are just wonderful.
Wonderful picture.

Hope you too keep having a wonderful vacation.


By the way..I know this is kind of a random commented, seeing as how I've never come here or I think I have about once or twice, but it is just that you are mentioned often and thought I would check out the lovely blog, which I do agree and understand why they all the it is so lovely.

Lauren said...

Babe, stoked you had such a good Christmas! Hope New Years eve is awesome too.

x x x