Friday, 12 December 2008

marzipan with chocolate

i'm busy, oh so busy. a huge assignment in chemistry and a lot of presents to make and buy... and prom. i really don't know how to cope with it all. to much to do. but the holiday is near, and i will be the happiest girl in the world when it comes.
my father came back from a trip to africa to day, and guess what he brought with him! nail colour from chanel. he IS a gentleman, as i said in an earlier post. he really is.

i found this beautiful picture at flickr. i just needed to share it.
i do not deserve this on either, and i'm speechless. the dearest, hrose at capture the castle, gave me this award. this is too much! i'm celebrating christmas every day now... she is unbelievable and oh so lovely, and her blog is magical! thank you, sweetheart! i'm trilled!i will give this award to the beautiful Lottie - the tea drinking english rose. because her posts, comments, photos, tilly~rose, and pig are all sweet and they make me happy. she is wonderful!

you are all too kind. thank you for your sweet and adorable comments. they keep me smiling all day long.



The Clothes Horse said...

Good luck with all that school stuff--it really does sound like a lot. Funny, my father is a gentleman but with bad taste...when he returns from trips he usually brings me jewelry in the form of moose earrings once. @_@

Lauren said...

Your dad is a total babe for his shopping abilities! haha. Hope all your school things go well.

x x x

afiori said...

Are those wrist warmers? The use of buttons is sooo cute!

Wanderlusting said...

Africa is quite the exotic continent to come back with a bottle of Chanel polish from! I assume it's from the duty free airport - otherwise I would have wanted some African jewelery instead! Mmmm marzipan.

eva said...

hey hun thank you for your kind comment, your too sweet :).. i dont think you can buy it anymore because i got that top last year during summer :(

shilvia said...

i hope you're doing fine with school's your nail colours and chocolates oh chocolates!!!

Nature Grafitti said...

good luck with your school work!!

p.s. - the nail color is simply amazing, i am quite jealous ;)

Mirthe said...


Are you still interested?:)

Anonymous said...

Everything about your blog makes me smile !

You have quite a talent, dear.

Mariah said...

Marzipan and Chanel nail polish from Africa.
How lovely!

Couture Carrie said...

Congrats on your award! Love your nail colour. And the marzipan looks divine!


P.S. Adore "Santa Baby"!!

Susanna-Cole said...

This post is so beautiful, I love the first two pictures especially, so warm and delightful! And oh your nail polish looks gorgeous! Happy holidays, dear! <3


READY, SET, GO! said...

That photo is so so beautiful! Really suits the time of year.
Congratulations on your award lovely! xx

hrose said...

you are most deserving of the award, as this post proves. what a delightful post to read, i am insanely jealous of that gorgeous nailpolish from your gentlemanly father, and he'd just been to africa! wow! i'd love to visit africa one day... good luck with your assignment, and with prom. it is such an exciting thing! ah! beautiful dresses, shoes, getting all jazzed up.

also your marzipan and chocolate looks delicious. mmm. ! right now it is only 3 days till christmas. can you believe it?