Saturday, 6 December 2008

the little elf

it's busy being a little elf. making christmas presents, going to school, sing christmas concerts with my coir, sleep, not sleep, freeze, drink cocoa, eat gingerbread... it is too little time, that's all. tonight is the last concert, and i'm singing solo. that's scary, i can tell. but it's fun, though.
i've been given two tags from the sweet lauren and rosie posie. i'm supposed to list 6 random things that make me happy, and other bloggers that make me happy!

1. christmas, and everything that comes with it. family, food, tree, stars, love, movies, give presents and receive some, carols, frank sinatra,
2. watching romantic movies while drinking some hot tea or cocoa.
3. tea with honey. tea with lemon. tea with friends. tea alone. tea parties. tea in the morning. tea in the night.
4. music. sing it. hear it. dance to it. play it. live with it.
5. doing people good. i love making small presents to friends and family. cards. flowers. cakes.
6. reading books. old ones. new ones. english. norwegian. italian. french. romantic. love. sorrow. jane austen. harry potter. magical. mysterious.
i send this tag to emily rose and yiqin.
photos from flickr


Lauren said...

Such a lovely list! I couldn't have chosen a better six things myself. :)

x x x

maveri_ck<3 said...

i agree with the comment above, a lovely list it is! I love love christmas and that picture of those star pastries look so great haha

Savvy Mode SG said...

i love tea with honey too. and a little piece of cake is nice.

Linnéa said...

sweet photos <3<3

Stompface said...

I love this post!
christmas christmas christmas!

It is very soon.

deep_in_vogue said...

whimsical :)

Nicole Linette said...

Oh, what a lovely tag! :DD Those are wonderful things to enjoy... teaaaa!


Carla said...

I have just found your blog, is fabulous. I also love the tune!! Makes me feel like Christmas is now. Carla

muchlove said...

I love your choice of images. So pretty.

the tea drinking english rose said...

oh what a wonderful wonderful post.
that snowy picture is.... w o w!!

i wish it would snow that much i really really do.
all your images are delightful. as are you.
that comment you left me, made me smile the biggest smile i think i have in a very long while!
so i thank you for being completely amazing, and so very sweet.
you are so lovely, and your blog is beautiful. so very perfect.

Claire said...

TEA!!!!! Best happiness ever!!

Susan said...

This is really lovely, the pictures are so perfect. Loving your blog.

yiqin; said...

I basically love tea wit, anything! Haha

Rosie Posie said...

Thak you so very much for your sweeter than sweet comment and get well wishes... my tummy is no longer poorly im happy to tell you, and im sure all the lovely comments i have recieved helped!!!

this post is truely wonderful... such heart warming pictures, and what lovely responses to the tag!! i too have been a busy elf making chritmas presents, and wat fun it is, isnt it??

take care, sweetest!!


Anonymous said...

how i wish we have the same snow as in Norway!

i've never seen snow in my life

x [

that gives me a reason to go to Scandinavian Countries!

coco said...

So festive with the song as well. I cannot wait for Christmas.

Couture Carrie said...

Love this song :)
Beautiful photos, esp. the last one - so creative!


the tea drinking english rose said...

oh the snowy picture..... melts my heart and makes me wish wish wish.

dearest i have given you a special award, because you make me smile ever so. and that comment you left me before actually made me giggle gush. which means i was giggling and my insides were knotting with love.

so thank you and you forever deserve it. thank you.

shilvia said...

such splendid list coming from you!!!i gave you an award my dearest :)

daydream lily said...

books, yes I love books, they make me happy. and romantic movies whilst drinking hot chocolate...ah...i feel I like doing that after work today.

nice blog

Mirthe said...

How nice!

Anonymous said...

adorable page!

Fashion Moment said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely! :)