Sunday, 4 January 2009

Happy New Year!

I really hope everybody had a fantastic New Year's Eve! I know I had. I love thinking that the start of the of the new year is a whole new start. A way to put the bad and sad things behind me, and look forward with joy, happiness and positivity.
Mine New Year Resolutions are:
1. take more baths with flowers

2. dance and yell when I'm happy 3. feel the wind in my hair more often 4. get more sleep during the week

5. travel to Paris, Scotland and maybe NYC

6. call friends far away

7. do like amelie

8. get a hat like this The dearest Hrose tagged me some days ago... (I know I have some older tags to do, but, yes, I will come back to them later...)

The rules are as follows:
1. Go to the 4th folder in your computer where you store yourpictures.
2. Pick the 4th picture in that folder.
3. Explain the picture.
4. Tag 4 people to do the same!

I simply love Clémence Poésy. Her style is wonderfully inspirational. In this photo I like the colourful and childish way to make an outfit. The hat, red stripes and the vest remind me of "Find Willy" - a book I loved to read when I was younger. However, this isn't how Clémence uses to show herself. She often uses a lot of dark colours and layers. I love that style too. In some kind of way she manages to make an outift with little colours fresh and - yes, colourful. Or at least, it seems like it...

I now tag: Lauren, Mariah, Jayne, Rosie, Mirthe

Then, it's just up to me to say:

I hope you all will have the most magical, enhanting and wonderful year!



Mirthe said...

Thank you!

Have a very happy new year!

Mirthe said...

You can email me on !!

Anonymous said...

I think we should all try to be more like Amelie, it would make the world such a wonderful place.

I love the look of Oslo, it looks lovely :) I have a wall in my room dedicated to places I want to go to (it's sort of a way of reminding me to work hard always, so I can get a job that pays well enough for me to go to all those places), Oslo is up there, along with Helsinki, Seattle, Vienna, New York and several other places.

I love Montmartre, the Sacre-Coeur is absolutely beautiful. I could stay on those grassy green slopes forever.

Have a fantastic new year! xo (:

zoë said...

what wondeful resolutions !!
i do have to take more baths with flowers, i don't think i've ever done that.
also, i love to dance & sing when i'm glad, but i don't do it often enough. thanks for reminding me about the simple things in life :]

Lauren said...

Thanks for the tag babe! And having baths with flowers is the best. My sister got me some really pretty soap roses for Christmas, so cute!

x x x

Savvy Mode SG said...

i like the bath and the sleep too.... happy new year to you too.

afiori said...

Heehee I've never heard resolution number 1 before!! I like.

Gott nytt år!!!

♥ visit me at

Mariah said...

What wonderful resolutions!
I hope you have a fabulous new year!

And, thank you for my very first tag EVER!
*claps hands*

Belle said...

Great resolutions,
Love the second one.

Amelia said...

Happy New Year! I love these resolutions and the pictures accompanying them. They're very fun.

Petra said...

Great resolutions! Happy 2009! It is going to be a beautiful year... I can feel it!

Love Clemence, she is so beautiful and always looks increadible. Great inspiration.

Have a happy day! xx

The Clothes Horse said...

Really great goals. The travel sounds fantastic.

Dream on said...

nice post and blog!

Carla said...

Happy New Year. What a great way to start with such beautiful images. Carla x

Emily said...

Your resolutions sound wonderful! :)
I hope 2009 is full of sweet happiness for you! And yes, Jesus is an important part of my life :)

yiqin; said...

Ah love this. Yes Clemence is looking great lately! & we must never forget about our friends! :)

Couture Carrie said...

Love these resolutions and the accompanying pics!
Happy 2009, Yellow Elephant!


The Wanderers' Daughter said...

I have one of those bowler hats, and I love it! Only for special occasions ;) goes great with a tux shirt and black pants.

hrose said...

absolutely delightful resolutions my dear, and very easy to keep if you makke sure your heart is light and happy!

oh isn't the tag such fun! definitely one of the funnest tags i've done all year. i'm so glad you did it, and what a lovely pic too. :)


jess said...

Excellent resolutions. I love the picture.


Lovely pictures, very inspirational. Your resolutions too, mine are similar and "learn to say no"
Besos, Andrea.

afiori said...

Hello, hello - around Christmas you had a little mp3 player on your blog; could you plese send me a link to where I can create my own? I only find cassette tapes or VERY boring ordinary players...


Susanna-Cole said...

Gorgeous photos, I love your new year's resolutions! <3

And thanks so much for your comment, dear, you are so sweet! And I sincerely hope you stay yourself though, because as flattered as I am that you would want to be like me, I think people are always at their best when they're simply themselves! And you're already and amazing, just being you! <3


BlueRing said...

Hello there sweetie pie,

So glad to hear that you liked my comment, and thank you so much for all the wonderful compliments and your awesome comment. Such a sweetie and darling the comment it was.

Yes, three movies are a lot, but when you plan it right, it can be done, though I was/am so very tired as a result of staying up so late those days.

So deeply sorry am I to not have commented on your recent posts, I have been so busy and today is the only time I will be able to comment. I hope you do not mind it too much.

Yes, the new year is definitely a way to start over, to leave the bad and start with the good. No more tears, it is a clear plate of emotions and adventures, which will be filled next year at this time, no? Well, not really this time but on December. I am a little late with the whole new years thing because of my absent state.

Bath with flowers? How wonderful!! Such a little princess you are, to think of this and do such things. That is positively the most wonderful idea I will try thanks to you. Rose petals or anything special?

Dancing while one is happy is the best feeling in the world, along with yelling and giggling. It gives you a satisfaction of showing your happiness.

Oh I am definitely in need of the sleeping one, and the wind through hair is much easy for me, seeing as how I go on the swings so often. You should try it more often, even if you do it alone, which is an amazing feeling none the less.

Oh how I wish I could do these trips to such wonderful places this year, but I know I will not. But wow, you will and you must take many pictures and be glamorous even though you are already.

Ehehe, those pictures of the cute little baby girl on the phone and amelie are wonderful.

And yes, I plan on following your footsteps on the phone call one, which I will actually do as soon as I get off the computer, since my friend broke her leg.

Oh, I tried out one of those hats in a store and well not to toot my own horn but darn it I wanted it because it was awesome. I do not know what you look like but I am sure you would still rock that look, and it would look wonderful on you.

Her picture is indeed wonderful, and look! She has the hat you want… inspiration taken from her, maybe?

I will try and rent the movie Mrs. Potter, and see if your compliments to it to have some truth in it.

You must wish so hard, and I will do so too, that your trip does not get cancelled. You must experience Paris, because it is wonderful and so lovely. I went there last summer but I wish to go again. How much fun it will be for you.

Remember to take as many pictures of anything and everything that you can because if not you will regret it.

Well darling, have a lovely week yourself.

p.s. the word verification code is gongers which makes me think of something you would say when someone makes a strike in bowling. hehe

shilvia said...

little amelie eating berries out of her ten fingers, is LOVE!!! i do that personally ;D

Taylor said...

these photographs are so cute.
i love your blog!

Two Pink Thoughts said...

Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain
I loooove that movie!
nice blog you have btw,

kiss, emma