Saturday, 14 March 2009

Seven days left - Tribute to Marc

One of my favourite designers is Marc Jacobs. What's good is that he makes clothes for the younger generation. I love the colours, the ladylike but in the same time ladylike style of some of the Marc by Marc Jacobs outfits. M. by Marc Jacobs is at this point my favourite.Thought, I do find some of the clothes (Marc Jacobs) wonderfully beautiful. From the Marc by Marc Jacobs ready-to-wear show spring 2009 - NYC

pictures taken from here
Bisous xx


Lauren said...

I'm a faithful obsesser of Marcy. haha. I gave you an award sugar!

x x x

hrose said...

Okay, a very late and delayed recommendations list my dear, hopefully you get the chance to view it/adapt some of these into your resume, you won't regret it!

1. brunch at alcazar 60 rue Mazarine 7006... it is a little on the cher side (i think around 30 euros a head) but if you are looking to treat yourself or have one good meal for the whole trip, i really recommend it. the food was sensational, really, and you won't regret the money. i promise you.

2. the marmotin (spelling i think?) museum which is in the 13th i think, which is the monet museum. it has one of the most visually arresting colelctions of monet paintings in the world, and for monet fans (if memory serves me, you are one of those) it is second only to giverny (his house just outside of paris) for shrines at which to worship.

speaking of museums, the musee de Quai Branley in the 7th is also a great museum about different cultures, and the Cluny is the medieval museum with the tapestris of the lady and the unicorn etc...

3. Shopping, vintage is best in the marais, especially rue st croix de la Bretonnerie. this has Free P Star which is a great little thrift store, literally packed to the rafters with stuff, but with an unparalleled (in my experience) collection of old double-breasted navy jackets (for the alexa chung in all of us) and crazy retro dresses. i bought my mustard yellow vintage skirt from there at bargain prices.

the marais is a great neighbourhood to wander down. The rue des francs bourgeois is the main road, and you can reach it from the Bastille metro via the places des vosges, an incredibly picturesque (and so parisian, bien sur!) little park that is squared around with belle epoque houses. Victor Hugo used to live in one of the corner houses, and the bottom levels are all devoted to conceptural artists, including some incredible sculpture (window shopping only, i'm afraid).

exit on the rue des francs Bourgeois and just amble along, there are some great french staple stores, think A.P.C and Comptoir des Cotonniers, as well as odd little stores selling miniature replicas of artworks and battle scenes, different types of soap, and of course, lots of beautiful chocolate and tea.

In terms of other kinds of shopping it really depends if you are in Paris to leche les vitrines (window shop) or actually shop. Window shopping being my (sad) speciality i know not a lot about bargain hunting in paris. I would rather spend a lovely day just wandering in and out of boutiques and high end stores, enjoying the crafstmenship of some of the most beautiful clothes in the world. For that of course the champs elysees (avenue george V and montaigne) for those.

For a little bit of a parisian experience i recommend montmartre, for sacre coeur (i can't help it, i went to a sacred heart school haha), and wandering around the streets there which are, quite frankly, some of the most beautiful streets i ahve ever seen in my life. it's all very amelie. find a bistro and have moules (mussels) and coffee.

Also good for the parisian experience is pere lachaise, the cemetery where Jim Morrison, lead singer of the Doors (60s rock band), Edith Piaf, Oscar Wilde, Balzac etc. are buried. It is a small cemetery and finding your way around to see the graves, some of which are interestingly adorned (oscar's kiss encrusted tombstone, for instance).

i can't think of anything else at the moment, but i hope you have the best time! and i can't wait to see and hear all about it!


ps. marc is a god! :)

Couture Carrie said...

Fab selections from a divine collection!

Awarded you today, btw!


Amelia said...

I love these! They're so much better than his new fall collection. The florals are just perfect.

Karen said...

marc jacobs is definitely a fashion god!
i love him and all of his collections, some more than others yes, but i agree with the marc by marc collections, perfect fit for me, some days i go to holt renfrew and just stare at the beautiful clothes !
one of my little secrets
thank you for visiting my blog! come back soon!

- karen

Anonymous said...

marc jacobs is THE designer, in my book. i absolutely love him. nice selections!

Anonymous said...

Piles of jewelery , blazers and stripes...what could be better? I <3 Marc Jacobs clothes and shoes immensely!

Wanderlusting said...

I love the mauve/purple dresses in this collage - magnifique!

The Clothes Horse said...

This is a great collection. I love how his pieces always have such a great mix and many lovely accessories.

jess said...

I love the purple dress.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I'm glad you liked my photos! It's actually not from Sweden but from Italy where I live right now. :)

Twobreadsplease said...

Love it! Really really want to attach all my purses to a belt now. x Maegan said...

it's safe to say that I want every one of these looks.

Fashion Garden said...

Wow i want every pieces of this collection ! :)

BlueRing said...

Hello darling, you have been missed sorely also.

Yes… life can sometimes be a tease, trying to take all the time for its self and none for me, quite selfish to be sure.

Pictures of art that I like? What do you mean? Sorry, I do not remember our last conversation so it does not fully make sense.

Do you draw or something?

There is still snow? Hmm… I bet you’re not all too happy about that, right? But as you said, it will melt away soon enough. Humidity has returned here and the rainy season has begun… FUN! <-that is, of course, a sarcastically packed monosyllable for humidity is not received well by my hair, it frizzes up and now more than ever it seems.

Then we are ‘compadres’ of the high school world, though mine is through virtual school. I, too, look forward to being finished promptly with this hectic ride but it seems I have to wait a year or two more before I am able to call it quits.

Well darling, I hope you are having/will have the most glamorous time in Paris. I can say from experience it is simply gorgeous and you will feel so wonderful, especially if your friends are quite as lovely as you say.

Have fun and take many pictures so we may all see the wonderful trip you had.

Oh and about the clothes, just make sure you take some comfy shoes, flats if you want to be chic or sneakers if all you care about is you comfort. No need for anything too big and bulky for the weather should not be too hot for right now. That is all I have to tell you about this.

Have a lovely week dear one.


p.s. for the code verification word I got boantin which makes me think of those hats that lean to one side. I recently got one in white and it ooks darling.

The Clothes Horse said...

This collection makes me so eager for spring. :)

Anonymous said...

*sigh* I love Marc jacobs too, although I admit it's more the fact that he named his perfume after "The Great Gatsby" character that has catapulted my respect for him.