Tuesday, 2 March 2010

been out of town

Since last time i've been really busy. First Oslo Fashion Week - lots of fun. I went to a couple of shows, both good and bad ones. Especially one designer, Flinga, did not impress me. I felt she just had copied already used ideas (materials, fabrics and cut) and mixed them together to her own sort of thing. She used a lot of laces, feathers and leather. I believe that I actually can find similar clothes at h&m, from their winter collection. Not god. But don't misunderstand me, her design was good and I know I could use some of the outfits. Anyway, I've had seen it before, and that's not a good sign I guess.

On the other hand, the Norwegian fashion brand Kirstar Design delivered a beautiful collection using wool and silk in red, black, beige and grey. Photos are to come.
A nother brand, Epilogue, had a wonderful show and the collection became one of my favorites.

07 OFWepilogue heitv from SVA Magazine on Vimeo.

Last week i were in Prague, and therefore no blogging. a beautiful city, btw. and in ten days i'll be in Athens, Greece. So if anyone have some good tips on what to do, tell me!


Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous of you!!!! I wish I was travelling around....I haven't left Ireland since June *sigh*

Couture Carrie said...

So exciting that you got to attend some shows!


Anonymous said...

Enjoy all the travels. So glamourous. xo Mish


Fashion Cappuccino said...

Cool show!! I love a lot of the dresses! xoxoxoxo

Charlotte said...

Enjoy all the travelling! I am a bit jealous you have visited all those fashionshows! I visited some last year here in Amsterdam, but unfortunately this year I haven't.
I would love to go to Prague, had fun there?

Anonymous said...
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Nature Grafitti said...

this collection is I N C R E D I B L E
Have an amazing time in Greece!!


Ash Fox said...

yeah it seems a lot of people are recycling the same styles from last fall.


yiqin; said...

It is beautiful <4

Damsels said...

i loev that you weren't afraid to say you didn't like her designs .. some bloggers just rave but don't critique

Erin said...

Good point though I DO love the H&M collection :) Just happened upon your blog...have been reading through all your posts and they're fabulous...! Will be back,

Love love love,