Saturday, 26 February 2011

this little light of mine

the pastel, the grey, the black.
they are all reminding me of the coming season of warmer weather and less clothes.
just a shame I'm living in the country with snow from July to July, just my luck.
anyway, I'm planning on soon dressing more lightly. I'm so ready to throw the big woolen coat and scarves. They have indeed been dear friends, but now I hope it's finally time to break up.

In need of finding more to read and more places to be inspired, I found Park & Cube. I know I have been away from the blogsphere for too long, because this beauty of a blog has not been on my list - until now.
The blogger is a graphic design graduate from Central Saint Martins, and her blog my fav at the moment.
Just so you know.


i suddenly found out that someone has linked to my blog on this page, woop woop


Rebecca said...

oh goodness I am in love with your inspiration posts, can't wait for summer and I wish I could pull off a nice crop-corset top, they seem to be everywhere but they just would stick out waaay too much in a city like Toronto!
definitely following
xoxo, Becca!

THE LADY EVE said...

Oh gosh, I got so excited reading your blog.


Love it!

-L said...

Totally agree.. her blog is super inspiring!!

ps. thanks for the comment! :)