Saturday, 21 January 2017

Women´s March

Today we march in solidarity with women in the USA. 
We march for gender equality, and against racism, nationalism and intolerance. 

Feminism and awareness about everyday sexism, glass ceilings in society and sexual and reproductive health rights have grown among young women in Scandinavia and globally. Our awareness have increased, but we also need to look beyond our own borders and societies. Women all over the world are victims of war crimes and rape, sexual assaults and domestic violence. Violence against women is happening in our own apartment buildings, on the streets of our cities and through hate porn cites and child porn cites. Young girls are forced into marriages with older men, women are sold to trafficking and suffer under lack of rights to freedom.
Remember this not only today, but on the 8th of March, the 25th of November and every day.

Women´s rights are human rights.

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