Sunday, 31 August 2008

Around the world in 80 days..uh?

I sat thinking about travelling and foreign countries yesterday. I thought of where I have been, but also where I want to go. It's funny, the earth is enormous, but you can travel everywhere you like, and that makes the world quite small, doesn't it? Suddenly there are no limits! OK, just your wallet, but besides that - no limits! It's scary whats happening with global warming. If it becomes a lot worse, maybe in the future the prices on the ticket will be too high for students and other normal people with not that huge wallets. I belive this mabye will happen in the future, so for me, now is the time to travel.

Where I've been
1. Norway
2. Sweden
3. Denmark
4. Germany
5. Poland
6. Czech Republic
7. Austria
8. Switzerland
9. Liechtenstein
10. Italy
11. France
12. Greece
13. United Kingdom
14. Malta
15. Israel
16. Palestine
17. Jordan
18. Tunisia
19. Vatican City

Where I want to go
1. New York
2. Scotland
3. Ireland
4. India
5. China
6. Mexico
7. Canada
8. Portugal
9. San Marino
10. Iceland
11. Australia
12. New Zealand
13. Thailand
14. Sri Lanka
15. Bangladesh
16. Kenya
17. Maroc
18. Hawaii


The Clothes Horse said...

I love travel. The world still seems very vast to me.

Anonymous said...

you've travel a lot!!