Monday, 1 September 2008

Sunday trip

I bought this purse at a flee marked a year ago. It's one of my favourites. It's small, but at the same time I can bring my life with mye wherever I go. It's my litte brown magic handbag. I love it. And I like to picture the woman who owned it before, I like the purse 'cause it has it's own history. It's own soul in a way.
I'm obsessed with handbags, vintage and new ones. It's this thing with girls and purses, they are like yin and yang, they complete each other. I don 't know how my life would be if I hadn't had a thing to help me bring with me my stuff. I would have lost them at once. I'm quite messy.

Yesterday, on my way to a friend I sat waiting for the tram to come. And suddenly this funny mirror popped up. It's a mirror where the driver can see the platform, and he can make sure all passengers is on the tram. I found it very amusing, and took this photo. It's like a real photo with a frame!

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