Thursday, 4 September 2008

The Fortunate Trip To The Libary

Yesterday, a friend and I took a walk to the libary. On our way I catched a glims of a vintage store called Dyveke & Vintage. Of course I went inside, and it was a vintage heaven. There were beautiful vintage Jimmy Choo stilettos ( which, unfortunately, were size 38 not 39!), a vintage Dior nightgown, stunning sunglasses and this belt! I fell in love at the moment I saw it. The owner bought it in Paris at a vintage store.

I don't know what it's ment to represent. Someone says it looks like a spider, someone else says it looks more like a flower or a heart. I think it looks a bit like a plam tree, but I'm not sure. However, I love the belt, and it didn't even cost a fortune. Is it my lucky day, or what?


The Clothes Horse said...

I think it looks like a flower, it's gorgeous.

Saorise, the Irish nymph said...

I love the belt!!!! it's simply adorable.