Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Winter Wonderland

Today the first snow came to town, and it has been a lot of chaos! It always is when the first snow arrives. The houses, the trees, the cars and the ground is white and beautiful. I have started longing for Christmas, despite the fact that it's nearly two months until it starts. In that time I will be finished with my five end of term tests, and that is very good to think about. I really hope we will be getting a white Christmas, and not like the one we had yesteryear. The snow arrived in October, melted away in the end of November, and it didn't come back until after New Year's Eve... That was awful! I'm really dreaming of a white Christmas this year.
When it snows, all you want to do is to be inside drinking a cup of tea and read. That is what I've been doing today. One of my friends came visiting, and we sat inside with woolen socks and drank tea. It was cosy.
Outfit: Socks - from my grandmother, tights - H&M, scarf with "snowballs"- from a friend of mine, dress - Only, sweater - Tezenis (Italy)


Couture Carrie said...

ooooh I can't wait for our first snowfall! Love your cosy legwear :)


hrose said...

ooooh snow! i've never seen snow. is that sad? i want to some day, it looks so lovely in pictures.
Although i'm sure for people who see it all the time it's boring.
but i love it! hahah
your scarf is so cute.

ps. i'm a dreamer too. aren't we all, deep down?
sounds like you had a lovely day.

The Clothes Horse said...

Your scarf reminds me of snow! I wonder if I will see any this year...

Anonymous said...

Ooo Ooo the bobbly scarf is just so lovely! And very festive of course.... I wish there is snow this year too, a Christmas without snow is just not good!
I love the blue socks too-I wear mine with wellies and feel very snuggyly...
Thank you for your comment, and i'll link back :D

Savvy Mode SG said...

when i lived in boston i love to drink a cup of hot coco in snowy days.

Nature Grafitti said...

happy halloween!! i made you a gift:

yiqin; said...

Hmm when it is so so so hot. All I want to be is to be at home, & switch on the aircon!