Tuesday, 4 November 2008

It's All Gone

The snow came and it disappeared. I didn't get the chance to go skiing, throw snowballs, make angels in the snow, make a snowman and all the things you do when it's snow outside. The great loss is the skiing, I love skiing! It's my favourite activity. But the snow will return soon, it is under zero degrees outside...
Now it is just cold, freezing cold. I really need to get a big jacket, but unfortunately that isn't very stylish. I'm feeling like a big black ball! Woolen jackets are too cold, and here in Norway you need to be wearing a big downy jacket.

With one like this I really look like a berry. But, I have to choose if I will be warm and look like a berry, or to freeze the whole winter... Unfortunately.
The thing designers should really work on is to make a very warm and stylish jacket with down. That is what us girls form the northern part of the world need. Yes, we can use fur , but we need something else as well. We can't all wear fur, that would have been quite boring...


hrose said...

but you would look like an adorable baby!
warmth is more important than fashion, i've tried the whole bearing the cold thing just to look cool and i got sick. and that was only in england, not in the cold cold cold of norway. get that coat on quicksmart!

i'm sorry, however, that you didn't get to play in the snow... i've never seen snow so i'm so jealous that you will get it soon. and you're right, designers should work on a stylish jacket for you girls.


the tea drinking english rose said...

the snow has said goodbye already? oh dear. that's rather a sad thought.

and i completely agree with your comment about being a hopeless romantic as i am also such a person. and my dvd collection is full of films just like that. either love plots or fantasy plots.

so we shall share our love for love together!! x

yiqin; said...

I think you'll look so adorable <3 I have a coat like that too!