Friday, 7 November 2008

Just Like Halloween

I'm terrified. Tomorrow I'm going to participate at Model United Nations, and that scares me. We're going to simulate a UN General Assembly, and everything will be in very hard English. I will bring a dictionary, but I hope I don't need it that much. I have prepared my self, just so you know that!
And there is more...
I will as well represent Ethiopia. Which is a very corrupted country and stands for issues that I wouldn't even think about. Yes, it will be interesting and I will be learning a lot. But it is terrifying! It starts at, so this post is short, cause I must get to bed. But, unfortunately, I will not get any sleep... Did I mention I am terrified?
PS: I've been very busy lately, but I will soon be posting outfits and more readable posts!


Anonymous said...

Good luck for tomorrow, sounds scary but keep calm! I always worry about everything but then I realised it didn't actually do anything so I gave up on it, althouh I do still have my wobbly moments!
Thank you for your lovely comment, and I can't wait to hear how it went :)
x <3

hrose said...

oooh you will be fabulous! best of luck! your english is so good, and although it seems a daunting task i'm sure you will be amazing. we did a model un once and i was egypt, very interesting and i learnt so much too. it is a great chance to try and get into the head of another country!

good luck! can't wait to hear about it and to see the outfit posts... thanks for your lovely comment! you are too sweet!

ivoreece said...

Good luck!!! :)

Anonymous said...

tagged deary!

marriahh said...

I do modle UN!
my first confrence was in october, and it freaked me out.
my deligation was representing russia, and the topics were small arms traficing and protection of the seas.
all this right after russia was found to be illegaly shiping small tanks to sudan, under a different contry's flag.
it was so difficult to defend that, so we didn't do that fantastic.

hope you did good!

yiqin; said...

Wow, all the best! *hugs

Couture Carrie said...

Good luck sweetie! What a honor :)
You'll do fabulously!


Lauren said...

Oh I also did this! It was so scary but really fun to do, I was Ecuador, so it was deforestation deforestation deforestation time for me. I hope yours went really well!.

x x x