Friday, 28 November 2008

the seven castles of the diamond lake

tomorrow, i'm going to a birthday party to a very good friend of mine. i'm going to give her a day to remember. first we will go to a restaurant we both like, Bare Jazz (=Only Jazz). then i will take her with me home and we will have a tea party. talk about sweet, magical and important things. and gossip of course...and maybe watch a movie, like love actually. i hope this gift will please her.i've finally found to one item i most sincerely wish that santa will give me this year... Foley + Corinna
if i don't get it for christmas, which most surely is the situation, i will, and have to, buy it afterwards. the problem is just that then i'm going to paris, and after that maybe to yes.. i got to wait i while. however, i hope it won't take too long, though.


Anna Karenina said...

Scotland! How nice! I've always wanted to go there :)
It seems like a very nice birthday present indeed - you are very creative!

(This is a lot of fun, by the way.)

afiori said...

Vilket fint kort(?) där uppe!
Jag kommer nog inte lägga ut dikterna på afiori, får se hur de känns när jag vågar läsa dem.......


hannah grace said...

oh doesn't it? try copy and paste it into the bar? or go to the homepage

and the link to the calendar is on the left hand side? hope that works for you! its so sweet.

Anna Karenina said...

Yeah, I think I will write about it :) Jeg vet, jeg skal ;)

Anonymous said...

Vilken fin idè!

Rosie Posie said...

Thank you for your sweet comment, that was lovely as always!! I have seen the film, and it was amazing- but I only saw it once!! I really want it on dvd, Im hoping santa will bring it for me :)

Pink milk is jut delicious!!! I love it, and pink water, and pink tea- basically anything strawberry flavoured!! You must try it :)

I love the pictures on this post, and that bag is just gorgeous!


Anonymous said...

A tea party! Sounds like an excellnt idea. So many cute traditions get forgotten in this age so it's ncie to see some people keep it going. You mentioned swapping links in your last comment, but I am not familiar with this term. Could you possisbly explain it to me?
Hope x

Couture Carrie said...

Love that bag!


Anonymous said...

I finally get it!Horray!Yep, all added, thank you for reminding me to update my blog list. I maganed to clesn up a few that I realized weren't inspiring me.

Lil Midget said...

Hallå! Tack för din kommentar :)
Hoppas du hade en bra dag på din väns födelsedag :)


Val said...

I love the smaller version of the bag, reminds me a lot of the balenciaga bag. Gorgeous.

hrose said...

oh your plans sound just lovely, especially the birthday dinner and tea party. love actually is such a fun movie, and i always have to watch it around christmas time. i love that all the tv channels are beginning to show their xmas movies now. how lovely!

that bag is fabulous. really. i hope you do get it for christmas! but if you don't you are right, buying it will just have to happen.

oh wow, when are you going to paris and scotland? i too am going after xmas. i'll be in paris in late jan/early feb. and i'm thinking of going to scotland for a day while i'm stuck in england for a bit at the end of feb. such fun!

i've tagged you, it was very fun to do, hopefully you do it!.
hope you had a great weekend.